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Temples and Churches

Wooden churches are the most typical demonstration of the regional cultural heritage and maybe the most valuable contribution to the world art treasury; historical monuments, source of the great aesthetic delight and at last the most attractive tourist object.

Wooden churches could be found in every oblast of the western Ukraine, both in cities and mountain villages. These are unique samples of wooden building. They charm by beautiful architecture, unusual bright decorated interiors.

Traditionally there are 5 styles of Carpathian wooden churches. Lemkivskyi, Boikivskyi and Hutsulskyi are named after ethnic groups of Carpathian Ukrainians, Gothic and Baroque show the relation with the West. Lemkivsky and Boikivsky churches were raised with the help of ancient way of Ukrainian temple-building at the heart of which is the principle of triplicity: the church has three parts, three logs and three tops. Ancient temples of house type are typical for Bukovyna.

Wooden churches that have remained from ancient times are the best examples of Hutsul building.

The old Hutsul Christmas carol says that a church is built on the place where blood of Christ fell on it. The every village, even the smallest one, had its own church.

To our days in the Carpahian region hundreds of wooden temples built over тчV-тт centuries have been preserved: in Transcarpathian region — 118, in Ivano-Frankivsk region — 50, in Lviv region — 28, in Ternopil region — 115, in Chernivtsi region — 53.

The most ancient churches of the region are the following:

in Transcarpathian region:

church of St. Mykolai (1428) in the village of Serednie Vodiane, Rakhiv district;

the Blessed Virgin church (1645, 1761) in the village of Kostryno, Velykobereznianskyi district;

church of St. Archangel Michael (1668 ) in the village of Krainikovo, Khust district;

church of St. Vasyl the Great (1703) in the village of Sil, Velykobereznianskyi district;

church of St. Nicholas (1704) in the village of Sokyrnytsia, Khust district;

in Ivano-Frankivsk Region:

Annunciation church (1587) in Kolomyia;

church of Holy Spirit (1598 ) in Rohatyn;

Uspenska church (Varvara?s, 1623) in Pistyn, Kosiv district;

the Blessed Virgin Birth church (XVII) in the village of Vorokhta, Yaremche;

church (тчт) in the village of Rosilna, Bohorodchany district built without a single nail;

in Lviv Region:

Piatnytska church (1440 ), church of St. Martyr Paraskevia (тчV) in the village of Stara Sil, Starosambirskyi district;

church of Holy Spirit (1502) in the village of Potelych, Zhovkivskyi district;

church of St. Panteleimon (1597) in Skole;

Exaltation of the Cross church, church of St. George (тV-тVч ) in Drohobych;

church (тVчч) in Busk;

Holy Trinity church (1702) in Zhovkva, Zhovkivskyi district;

Mykolaivska church (1763) in Lviv;

in Ternopil Region:

Ceorge's church (XVI ) in the village of Berezhanka, Lanovetskyi district;

church (тVчч) in the village of Sapohiv, Borschivskyi district;

Paraskevy church (тVчч ) in the village of Krohulets, Husiatynskyi district;

Assumption church (1635) in Chortkiv;

church of the Blessed Virgin (1686) in the village of Novosilka, Pidhaetskyi district

in Chernivtsi Region:

church (тVII ) in the village of Seliatyn, Putylskyi district built without a single nail;

temple of St. Nicholas (1606) in Chernivtsi;

Archangel's church (1663) in the village of Petrashivka, Hkybotskyi district;

church (1740) in the village of Bila Krynytsia, Hlybotskyi district;

Mykolaivska church (1784) in the village of Voloka, Vyzhnytskyi district.


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