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Carpathian lakes

These mountain eyes as if created from tears by its all-seeing look bring to the surrounding lands the darkness of mystery and inaccessibility. But despite of this they attract you and then swallow up everyone who is tempted by the shine of their sparkling waves:

(From the legend)

Carpathian lakes by origin are divided on glacial (Hereshaska, Nesamovyte, Brebeneskul, Drahobratske, Maricheika, Nyzhne), volcanic (Vorochivske, Lypovetske, Syne) and goaf (Synevyr, Ozirtse).

The biggest mountain lake, Brebeneskul , is located in the Rakhiv district (Transcarpathian region). It is situated between the main Chornohora range and Mt. Hutyn-Tomnatyk on the height of 1801 m above the sea level. The length is 134 m, width - 28-44 m, depth - to 2.8 m. The banks are steep with rock placers. It feeds on atmospheric precipitation and ground waters. The water is clean and low mineralized.

Lake Drahobratske in Rakhiv district. It is located near the north slope of Mt. Blyznytsi on the massif Svydovets on the height of 1600 m above the sea level. The length is 55 m, width - 21 m, depth - up to 1,2 m. The banks consist of moraines. It feeds on ground waters and atmospheric precipitation. The water is clear, low mineralized.

Lake Nyzhnie in Rakhiv district. It is situated on Chornohora, on the height of 1515 m above the sea level. The length is 70 m, width - 29 m, depth - up to 2 m. The banks are mainly steep, besides low south and north water-logged zones. It feeds on surface-water flow. The water is clean of fulvous color. In winter it becomes frozen.

Ozirce ("Lake") in Mizhhirskyi district. It is situated on the north-eastern slope of Mt. Hropa in Pryvododilni Vnutrishni Horhany at a height of 1000 m above the sea level in the fir forest. The maximum lake depth is 9,5 m. Feeding is mainly ground, the small stream flows from the lake. The water is brown, low mineralized. In summer the temperature does not exceed +15° ж. It lies within the natural national park "Synevyr".

Synevyr ("Sea Eye") in Mizhhirskyi district. It's the most precious and most important treasure of the Ukrainian Carpathians on the height of 989 m above the sea level. The lake was formed in the post-glacial period due to the damming of river valley. The cavity is filled with water of three mountain streams. The size and depth of lake changes depending on the rainfall. Its depth is 8-10 m. The deepest point is 22 m. In clear cold water rainbow and stream trout feels good.

Lake Lypovetske in Khustskyi district. It lies on the north-eastern slope of mountain massif Tupyi, above the village of Lypcha, at a height of 700 m above the sea level. The length is 45 m, width - 43 m. The banks are low, overgrown with shrubs. It feeds on underground water. The small stream (basin of the Rika river) flows out the lake. It feeds the cascade of ponds. The water in the lake is sweet and clear. In winter it becomes frozen. Algae are spread not much.

Synie ("Blue") Lake in Mukachivskyi district. It lies on the south-western slopes of mountain massif Syniak at a height of 600 m above the sea level northwards of Mt. Syniak. The banks are feat, rushy. It feeds on waters of sulphur spring. The water is clear. There is no organic life in the lake because of the water with sulphuretted hydrogen.

The popular tourist destination in Verkhovyna district of Ivano-Frankivsk region is Lake Maricheika located in the big glacial circus under Mt. Shuryn among the primeval forest at a height of 1510 m above the sea level. It stretches out for 200 m long and 100 m width, and the depth doesn't exceed 80 cm. The underwater sources well out and water is very cold here even in summer. The only stream which is the right tributary of the Pohorilets River flow out the lake.

Being in Ivano-Frankivsk on the territory of Verhovyna district you may visit the picturesque Lake Nesamovyte located on the slope of Mt. Turkul (1933 m) of Chornohora massif at a height of 1750 m above the sea level. The length is 88 m, width - 45 m, depth - up to 1.5 m. Northern slopes are limited by low moraine banks, along the southern ones there are rock mounds. It feeds mainly on atmospheric precipitation. It is overgrown with sedge.

Look into the blue eyes of the mountain lakes and, who knows, maybe you succeed in discovering of mysteries the numerous legends and folk stories tell about. And of course, wash yourself life-giving water or take strength and energy for the whole year.


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