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Fall, fall, waterfall...

Voices of waterfalls are the same as their names. Thunder!
But a keen ear can pick up that each of them sings its own unique song of the courageous Carpathian Mountains.

Stepan Pushyk

Carpathian land reveals its beauty only for the inquisitive and persistent admirers. Every day of staying in this fairyland can be change into the fascinating colorful trip - trip over the Nature's treasury.

Never-ceasing waterfalls emphasizing the majestic beauty of the Carpathians are justly considered to be the amazing decoration of the region.

  • One of the highest is Maniava Waterfall on the Maniavka River located in Bohorodchany district, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Its height is 16 meters.
  • The highest waterfall on the flat country is Chervonogorodskyi Waterfall on the Dzhuryn River near the village of Nyrkiv, Zalischyky district, Ternopil region with its height of 16 meters.
  • Stream Rusylivskyi has the most quantity of waterfalls on it. One can counts more than 15 waterfalls with the height from 5 to 11 meters. It is situated near the village of Rusyliv, Buchach district, Ternopil region.

Waterfalls of Transcarpathian region:

  • Irshava district: "Shyhivskyi", "Yalovyi" (Reserve "Zacharovana dolyna" (Charmed valley);

  • Mizhhirskyi district: "Shypot" (village of Pylypets');
  • Mukachivskyi district: "Skakalo" (village of Chynadievo);
  • Perechynskyi district: "Voevodyno" (village of Tur'ia Poliana), "Solovey", "Chervonyi partyzan" (Red Partisan) (village of Lumshory);
  • Rakhiv district: "Trostianets" (village of Kvasy), "Trufanytsia" (village of Yasinia, "Bilyi" (village of Dilove).

Waterfalls of Ivano-Frankivsk region:

  • Kosiv district: "Sykavka" (near the village of Stari Kuty), "Rushirskyi" (height - 4 meters), "Shepitskyi Velykyi Huk" (height - 14-15 meters), "Sheshorski Huky" (height 2-5 meters), "Yavorivski Huky" (multi-stage, length - 30 meters);
  • Yaremche: waterfall on the river Prut (at the foot of Hoverla Mountain), waterfall on the river Bahrivets; "Probiy" (height - over 8 meters, Yaremche) on the river Prut, "Huk" on the river Zhenets';
  • Bohorodchany district: Maniava Waterfall (height - 16 meters);
  • Nadvirna district: waterfall "Bukhtivetskyi";
  • Tysmenytsia district: waterfall on the river Rostocha.

Waterfalls of Lviv region:

  • Skolivskyi district: waterfall "Hurkalo" (h. - 5 meters), village of Korchyn, 3 km. to the south-west from the village, on the Velyka Richka River (right tributary of the river Stryi), was created in the place of palaeogene sandstone outbreak;
  • Waterfalls cascade on the Kamianka River, near village of Dubyna.

Waterfalls of Ternopil region:

  • Zalischyky district: "Chervonogorodskyi" (16 meters) on the Dzhuryn River; waterfall cascades "Rusylivskyi" near the village of Rusyliv, Buchach district (h. 5-11 meters).

Waterfalls of Bukovyna:

  • Storozhynetskyi district: "Korolivskyi", village of Banyliv-Pihirnyi;
  • Zastavnivskyi district: "Kulivetskyi", village of Kulivtsi; Vasylivski waterfalls, village of Vasyliv; "Doroshovetskyi", "Falynskyi", village of Doroshivtsi; "Chornopototskyi", village of Chornyi Potik;
  • Putylskyi district: "Bukovynski waterfalls", "Siruchok", village of Roztoky; "Kizia", "Byskiv", village of Ust-Putyla; "Porkulyn", village of Sergii; "Huk Suchavskyi", village of Shepit.


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