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History in stone

The Carpathian region is famous for its history sleeping in the ancient walls of the castles, fortresses, monasteries and hiding in the chimerical sculptures and castle ghosts.

Mongolian-Tatar attacks and wars did many harms to the great buildings, many of which are still under reconstruction. Most of strongholds can be found on the territory of the Lviv, Ternopil and Transcarpathian regions.

Fortifications, high walls, banks and bell towers are typical for all castles. On the base of some of them the museums of local lore, historical museums, galleries open for everyday visiting have been created. The medieval palaces and fortresses become the places for historical shooting and knight's tournaments. Over the last years it is paid much attention to the restoration and reconstruction of castles to be under the state protection. Each of them is worthy of visiting. The most famous castles and fortresses are the following:

Transcarpathian Region:

  • Kvasivskyi castle (XVI), Berehivskyi district
  • Vynohradivskyi castle (XI), Vynohradivskyi district
  • Korolevo (VIII), Vynohradivskyi district
  • Dovzhanskyi (XV), Irshavskyi district
  • Mukachivskyi castle (X-XI), Mukachivskyi district
  • Shenborna (XIX), the village of Chynadievo, Mukachivskyi district
  • Nevystkyi castle (XIV), Uzhgorodskyi district
  • Serednianskyi castle (XIII), Uzhgorodskyi district
  • Svaliavskyi (IX-XIV), Svaliavskyi district
  • Khustskyi castle (XI-XII), Khustskyi district

Ivano-Frankivsk Region:

  • Maniavskyi cell (XVII), Bohorodchany district
  • Halych castle (XIV), Halych district
  • Rakovetskyi castle (XVII), Horodenka district
  • Chernelytskyi castle (XVII), Horodenka district
  • Pniv castle (XVI), Nadvirna district

Lviv Region:

  • Brodivskyi castle (XVI), Brodivskyi district
  • Idhoretskyi castle (XVII), Brodivskyi district
  • Oleskyi castle (XIV), Buskyi district
  • Zhovkivskyi castle (XVI), Zhovkivskyi district
  • Krekhivskyi monastery (XVI), Zhovkivskyi district
  • Zolochivskyi castle (XVI-XVII), Zolochivskyi district
  • Pomorianskyi castle (XVI), Zolochivskyi district
  • Kamianka-Buzka (XIV), Kamianko-Buzkyi district
  • Svirzkyi castle (XV-XVI), Peremyshlianskyi district
  • Castle in the village of Stare Selo (XVII), Pustomytivskyi district
  • Univska Lavra (XV), Peremyshlianskyi district
  • "Tustan" (IX), Skolivskyi district
  • Dobromylskyi castle (XV), Starosambirskyi district

Ternopil Region:

  • Berezhanskyi castle (XVI), Berezhanskyi district
  • Castle in the village of Rai (XVII), Berezhanskyi district
  • Castle in Skala-Podilska (XIV), borschivskyi district
  • Castle constructions (XVII) in the village of Borschiv, Kryvche, Manivtsi, Okopy of St. Trinity, Kudryntsi, Bilche-Zolote - Borschivskyi district
  • Buchatskyi castle (XIV), Buchatskyi district
  • Pidzamochok (XVI), Buchatskyi district
  • Zbarazkyi castle, Vyshnevetskyi castle (XVII), Zbarazkyi district
  • Pochaivska Lavra (XIII-XV), Kremenetskyi district
  • Terebovlianskyi castle (XIV), Terebovlianskyi district
  • Dolyna (Yaniv), Budaniv (XVII), Terebovlianskyi district
  • Chortkivskyi castle, Yahilnytskyi castle (XVII), Chortkivskyi district

Chernivtsi Region:

  • Khotynska fortress (XIII), Khotynskyi district

* - The Lviv castles are combined in the one tour route "Gold Horseshoe of Lviv"


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