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Walking tourism

The Carpathians are one of the main areas for sport walking-tours. The diversity of nature barriers enables to master almost all techniques of walking tourism and local orientation, to conduct training actions effectively. Here it is possible to develop different routes: from the easiest to the III level of complexity.

The Ukrainian Carpathians are the mountains of the average height, which don't reach the snow line and don't have the modern glaciers. Most of the Carpathian peaks are lower than 2000 m and only Chornohora massif has six peaks, which are higher.

Within the main watershed there are situated the Beskydy with its highest peak - Mt. Pikui (1045 m). The most difficult, partitioned by numerous ravines Horhany (Mt. Syvualia (1818 m) is the highest peak) are stretching from Veretskyi to Yablunytskyi passes. Chornohora mountain range with the highest peaks of Ukraine extends south from the Yablunytskyi pass.

Polonynskyi range with Pikui, Borzhava, Krasna, Stih peaks is a little bit lower and belongs to the Carpathian average mountains. Along the southern edge of the Ukrainian Carpathians the massifs of the Volcanic range with Makovytsia, Syniak, Buzhora peaks are stretching, on the landscapes of which the traces of old volcanism are evident.

The Carpathians consist mainly of shales, aleurites, limestone, sandstone of palaeogene period. Shales are easily affected by denudation therefore the mountain ranges have flat slopes.

The walking tours to the Carpathians may be arranged during May-October. But it's necessary to remember that in May it is still much snow on the mountain peaks and in October the air temperature falls down, especially at night.

The most interesting Carpathian routes come along the mountain ranges. The route of the III level of complexity is stretching along the ridges of Chornohora, Horhany and Svydovytsia.


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