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Green village tourism

The village is called the soul of Ukraine. Having visited the village you will enjoy the picturesque nature, feel its healing power, get acquainted with hospitable and kind people, and discover the national traditions and customs. You will have an opportunity to be experienced in different agricultural occupations and to taste the Ukrainian national cuisine. A village will give you a pleasant leisure and unforgettable impressions.

Green village tourism is a rest in a guesthouse instead of traditional resort centers. There were Ivan Franko, Lesia Ukrainka, Mykhailo Hrushevskyi, Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi, Vasyl Stefanyk who preferred such kind of rest.

Most of private hosts will offer you comfortable rooms with all conveniences. Their addresses you can find on the web-pages of the Union for Green Village Tourism Promotion in Ukraine, its regional branches as well as in the proposals of regional tourist organizations.

The possibility to rest on the open air, in the other cultural surroundings, to discover the environment attracts local people. You will have an opportunity to taste homemade delicious dishes prepared from fresh ecologically clean products. Here you will be treated as a guest of honor.

You may vary you rest in the village making walking, horse and bicycle tours, gathering mushrooms and berries, participating in local celebrations. You may walk along the banks of mountain rivers with crystal water, enjoy the surrounding landscapes, and go to the beautiful Carpathian forest that lulls by silence and endows with the gifts of nature. One can start journey around the mountain area for meeting with sunny meadows and green pastures of the Carpathians.

Besides this the rest in the village is much cheaper than in hotels and pensions.


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