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Mysterious underground world

They are called the 8th World Wonder, the kingdom of eternal darkness.

If you decide to travel by the underground labyrinths created by nature itself you would discover the possession of mysterious and unknowable. In the region there are dozens of caves but only some of them are famous and available for tourists without special outfit. Others are open only for experienced speleologists. The most suitable for speleology development objects:

Transcarpathian Region:

  • karst caves near the village of Kniagynia (Velyko-Bereznianskyi district);
  • karst cave with transparent walls near the village of Mala Uholka (Tiachiv district) nearby the Pohar Hills. Its walls are covered with milk-white transparent tiff with greenish shades, which look like beautiful fairy stony flowers. It's has scientific and aesthetic meaning;
  • karst "Pearl cave" not far from the village of Mala Uholka on the watershed of the Mala and Velyka Uholka rivers. Put in Jurassic marble limes. Besides stalactites on the walls the numerous tiff balls looking like pearls.

Ivano-Frankivsk Region:

  • karst caves Mokra, Lokitka and caves not far from the villages of Sokolivka, Ozerny, Zhydachiv, Khotymyr (Tlumach district);
  • «Dovbusheva hole" in the village of Kosmach, cave of O. Dovbush in the village of Stari Kuty; caves in the village of Sheshory, Seredniy Beresiv (Kosiv district).

Lviv Region:

  • cave "Medova"- in the east outskirts of Lviv, famous from the XIII century;
  • cave "Stradchanska" - in the northwestern outskirts of the village of Stradcha (Yavorivskyi district). The cave is horizontal. It has three main parts: right-angled hall (4Х8 m, height 2,5 m) with cylindrical vault; round hall (three meters in diameter) with niches; branching in two directions corridors;
  • unexplored caves in the area of Mt. Kliuch near the village of Struch (Stryiskyi district), caves of Oleksa Dovbush in the village of Rozhirche on the border of Skolivskyi and Stryiskyi districts.

Ternopil Region:

Borschivskyi district:

  • cave "Optymistychna" is one of the biggest in the world gypsum karst cave. The total length of the ways is about 210 km. The cave is attractive for experienced speleologists. It's a perspective object for curative and recreational purposes;
  • "Ozerna" ("Blue lakes"). The total length of the ways is 116 km. It is the only cave in the region with underground lakes. Its system of ways creates two big formations - «Near" and "Distant" districts. The "Near" district is available for experienced tourists, the "Distant" district is close for excursions for speleologists-amateurs because of difficult of access;
  • "Kryshtaleva". The total length of the ways is 23 km. Travelling around it you don't need a hydro-clothing and special outfit. It's easy for passing. The object has great potential for curative and recreational purposes;
  • "Verteba". The total length of the ways is 9 km. This cave is called "Naddnistrianska Pompeii" because it has lots of archeological finds. In general the cave is difficult for passing, only experienced groups of speleologists are allowed.

Chortkivskyi district:

  • "Mlynky". The total length of the ways is 28 km. Here it is possible to develop routes both for speleologists-beginners and professionals. All-Ukrainian competitions on speleo-tourism are conducted in this cave. The cave is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Ukraine.


Zastavnivskyi district:

  • "Balamutivska" is the most famous geological monument of nature of state importance near the village Balamutivka. Here the primitive's rock paintings representing the faith of Stone Age people were discovered;
  • "Ducha" — karst cave. The typical emptiness of Dniestr coastal strip. The length of explored part of the cave is 114 m. On its walls the interesting formations from gypsum have been found. The cave is mapped and studied by speleologists;
  • "Dovhyi Yar" is a unique three-layered cave, labyrinth of amazing beauty (the village of Pohorilivka).

Novoselytskyi district:

  • "Bukovynka" - karst three-layered labyrinthine cave near the village of Stanivtsi. About 3,7 km of ways and tunnels. It is characterized by the diversity of the secondary crystals, richness of cave deposits;
  • "Popeliushka" — stalactite, three-layered cave (near the village of Podvirne). It takes the 8th place in the world by length. There is a labyrinth of underground ways, their average width is 3-4 m, height - 2-4 m, some halls of 10-12 m in width, the length of which reaches 170 m.

The wonderful cave that is open for everyday excursions in the salon "Ravlyk" offering the tours by the underground Lviv is considered to be the most available for tourists underground kingdom.


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